In the village of Herpt, Francine Houben of Mecanoo architecture firm has transformed an old barn into a lovable place. It is an ideal practice and workplace that invites inspiration, open-mindedness and togetherness, enterprise and creativity. And on top of that, this transformed barn is now sustainable, clad almost entirely in charred wood, and named Theater de Nieuwe Schuur (The New Barn). It was our pleasure to work on this theatre. Omiyama and Takamatsu were charred in the workshop by the fire masters and then attached to the facade by our assembly team. The bottom of the barn is covered with the refined Takamatsu (fire class B) and the top with the robust Omiyama.

It's wonderful how our products were chosen for this enchanting place with its wide-open view of the farmlands of Oude Maasje, the fruit and nut trees.


Used materials in this project: