As a blackbird spreading its wings in the sun to dry, the black house has landed in this rural area.  The open side of the house under the wings focuses on the view, the closed side focuses on the north and accommodates the entrance. The black planking of the north façade features a work of art carved in the wood. The interior hides under the wings. The natural tones of the furnishings contrast hugely to the wooden interior, such as the orange beak does to the blackbird.

The warm natural tones are nurtured under the wings. The black exterior must defy wind and weather.  The house has a barn-like appearance which is consistent with the rural architecture. The house, with its large gable roof, offers space for a work area, bed & breakfast and kitchen on the ground floor. The living room and bedrooms are situated on the first floor. 


Onix architecten


GE Bouw


De Kemp


Maarten Laupman


Provincialeweg 1A, 5827 AA Vortum-Mullem, Nederland

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Used materials in this project: