Nature has shaped this wonderful project. This treehouse is located near the coast on sandy soil, and a construction of screwed poles with a beam column system has proven to be effective on this terrain.

The poles are placed as far as possible from the main wall to give the project a light appearance. Because the terrain is very steep, the cabin is between 1 and 4 metres above the ground, with the highest part facing a lagoon.

The 'treehouse' itself is a large cube of blackwood, 'cut out' by its surroundings of the trees and light. A basin has been placed in the centre, where the light falls onto the patio, around which the rest of the house and in particular the kitchen has been built.

Next to the basin is a vegetable garden of 150m2, neatly arranged on a terrace. The house blends the indoors and outdoors together and consists of small living spaces.

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Victoria Migliore


Jean Imbert


Cyril Folliot

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22240 Fréhel, Frankrijk

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