LOOP Architects designed a new distillery for high-end whiskey producer Stauning Whisky in Denmark. The result consists of six long barns that make the experience with the Danish whiskey special.

Morten Nymann, one of the architects' partners, says about the project: "We knew right away that the façades would be the defining character of each building". The materials used are wood, steel and concrete, but unlike ordinary barns for pigs and agricultural machines, the agency opted to refine the materials. As such, every entrance was built using wood of Zwarthout l Shou Sugi Ban. Morten Nymann describes the finish of the wood "as if it were made of black dragon scales". Whiskey ages in barrels that have been burned on the inside. "That is why we used every entrance to indicate that you are walking into a place where whiskey is made", says Morten Nymann.

The whiskey producer is also very happy with the new distillery. Co-founder Alex Munch, who was involved in the project from day one, says: "We are impressed by all the positive feedback we received from around the world and I love the charred wood (...)".