Sanuki is charred, laminated Accoya® wood. Sanuki has the unique property of remaining level despite the charring process. Its exterior has been reinforced with a resin based on natural ingredients. This gives it extra strength, without compromising the unique character of this robust wood. This panel of Accoya® wood has jointed sections. Sanuki is available in various thicknesses (20, 25 or 30 mm thick), and all sizes (up to 80 cm wide and 350 cm long). Its striking pattern makes Sanuki ideal for cladding interior walls in an aesthetically pleasing and sustainable manner. Sanuki is also very suitable for the production of original furniture and objects.


charred, laminated Accoya® wood




epoxy, biobased

Origin wood

New Zealand


< 3500 mm


20-25-40 mm


<800 mm

Moisture content

10 to 15%

Mounting method

deckingscrews, Stainless (black tip)

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