Sanuki is a variant of Marugame and is a panel made of laminated Marugame slats. We coat the carbon layer to prevent staining, without compromising the unique character of the robust wood. Sanuki is available as a solid all-sided charred panel or as slats glued to MDF or plywood. Sanuki is dimensionally stable and is not only a durable solution for wall coverings, it is also very suitable for making original furniture, doors and other objects.

The Sanuki carbon layer is coated with Bito Hard, which is a hard coating. Bito ensures that the carbon layer becomes slightly more matt in appearance and tougher and it stops the carbon from staining. Ideal for interior applications.

Sanuki is produced by Accoya® and made from Radiata Pine, which is a fast-growing pine species. The wood is modified using a (non-toxic) acetylation process. The sustainability of Accoya® wood is Class 1 and it has extensive quality certificates (including KOMO, RAL, BBA and WDMA) as well as a cradle-to-cradle gold certification. The wood has a lifespan of at least 50 years above ground and 25 years in direct contact with soil and in fresh water.

Sanuki panels are available in various designs, e.g. panels with rounded or squared slats. The width of the slats can vary between 45 mm and 150 mm, depending on your requirements. The slats can be placed horizontally or vertically. Note: the panels are always rounded on all sides.

It is possible to supply a variant of Sanuki panels with a rough cut instead of a smooth finish. With this method, the saw cuts are visible in the carbon layer. This gives the panels an extra robust look.

Sanuki is a natural product. This means that individual planks may differ from one another.

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Accoya®, FSC®

Origin wood

New Zealand




Bito Hard




Up to 3 m


23 - 45 mm


Up to 800 mm

Mounting method

deckingscrews, Stainless (black tip)

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