Takamatsu is a variant of the Shodoshima and differs only in the way in which it is sawn. For Takamatsu we use quarter-sawn wood of the Douglas fir where the planks are sawn at a right angle to the annual rings.  This results in a special striped pattern as opposed to a flamed pattern. This manner of sawing gives Takamatsu a fine, linear structure and a classic, quiet look.  The Douglas planks are carefully charred in-house, one by one.  After that, the wood is brushed, charred again, and finally stained by hand. Takamatsu is resistant to all weather conditions and does not stain.  The oil treatment must be repeated every 3 to 5 years. Takamatsu is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.




Stained, 3-5 years

Origin wood

FSC, Netherlands


1 to 5 meter


20– 60 mm


50-200 mm

Skin texture

Conform sample

Moisture content

13% to 18%

Mounting method

Deckingscrews, Stainless, black tip

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