The Sakaide planks of the Douglas fir are plain sawn (parallel with the annual rings). The planks are then charred one by one in the flames of our oven.  After that the charred wood is thoroughly brushed and oiled.  The contrast between the dark and light areas of the softwood gives Sakaide an attractive, rustic look.  The beautiful structure reminds one of cracks in dried mud.  This provides a nice contrast in combination with the structure of our other burnt woods. Takamatsu is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Interior, exterior


Oiled, 1-3 years

Origin wood

FSC, Netherlands


1 to 5 meter


20– 60 mm


50-250 mm

Skin texture

Conform sample

Moisture content

13% to 18%


Deckingscrews, Stainless (black tip)

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