Sakaide is made of Douglas fir from sustainably managed European forests. Characteristic of Douglas wood is the scent and the presence of knots. These knots may be visible in the flame pattern.

The contrast between the dark and light parts of the wood gives Sakaide a beautiful, rustic look. The planks are cut flat (with the growth rings) and charred in our oven. They are then carefully brushed, thereby creating a characteristic relief of the flame pattern. Sakaide exudes a timeless, but warm atmosphere as a façade, but also on walls, tables and other interior applications.

After charring and brushing, Sakaide is treated with our Bito Clear or Bito Orange.
Bito Clear is a transparent oil for interior applications. The oil hardens under the influence of air, which results in a profound look.

This oil gives a deep and warm gloss, but is less resistant to UV radiation.
For exterior applications, Sakaide is treated with Bito Orange, which is a water-based oil especially for exterior use. Bito Orange contains a UV filter to give the wood extra protection against sunlight.

The fire resistance classes of Sakaide are D, S0, D1 as standard (European standard - EN13501).

Sakaide is a natural product. This means that individual planks may differ from one another. Another characteristic of Douglas wood is that it continues to expand and shrink under the influence of moisture and temperature fluctuations.

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Type of wood

Douglas, FSC®

Origin of wood



Interior and facade cladding 


3 - 5 years


Bito Clear or Bito Orange


1 - 6 meter


23 - 30 mm


60 - 250 mm


Deckingscrews, Stainless (black tip)

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