Douglas wood is a softwood variety known for its natural lasting durability and strength.  Shodoshima wood is plain sawn (parallel to the annual rings).  We char all planks piece by piece in our own specially developed oven. The planks are then brushed and stained by hand. The robust and lively grain structure remains visible and shines beautifully in the sun.  Shodoshima is resistant to all weather conditions and does not stain.  The oil treatment must be repeated every 3 to 5 years.  Shodoshima is suitable for indoor and outdoor use where you wouldn't want the material to stain.




Stained, 3-5 years

Origin wood

FSC, Netherlands


1 to 5 meter


20– 60 mm


50-250 mm

Skin texture

Conform sample

Moisture content

13% to 18%

Mounting method

Deckingscrews, Stainless (black tip)

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