Ayagawa is the oak variant of the traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban.  The robust oak wood has a beautiful characteristic pattern.  Ayagawa will acquire a nice, dull black colour when charred in one of our ovens.  The carbon layer of Ayagawa is stronger than that of Douglas wood, for instance. Ayagawa can stain but this washes off easily with water and natural soap.  As the carbon layer ages over the years it develops a beautiful patina (weathering). Ayagawa is perfect for indoor use as we treat the carbon layer in such a way that the wood becomes extremely strong. The oak wood of Ayagawa can also be used outdoors, but can dilate in extreme climatic conditions.





Origin wood

FSC, Netherlands


1 to 5 meter


20– 30 mm


50-200 mm

Skin texture

Conform sample

Moisture content

10% to 14%

Mounting method

Deckingscrews, stainless (black tip)

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