Yoroi is the first deep charred product on the market made from bamboo.  

The hard charred layer and refined pattern of Yoroi has a silver glow in the sun. The deeply burnt bamboo has a natural appearance and is specifically designed for projects where fire class B is required, such as public buildings, tall buildings, and emergency routes. This makes Yoroi eminently suitable as sustainable cladding. Yoroi is also an eye-catcher when used for interior applications.

Yoroi is made from FSC® thermally modified bamboo. By compressing the bamboo fibres, planks are made that can compete with the best hardwoods. Due to its rapid growth, bamboo is widely available.

Yoroi gets an extra natural fire retardant through the charring. Therefore, no flame retardants are added that could leach out. And no maintenance is required to obtain the fire resistance in the long term. 

Yoroi is a natural product. This means that individual items may differ from each other.


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Fire class B reports:

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Bamboo, FSC®, X-treme® 

Fire class

Yoroi has a fire class B-S1, d0, fully tested according to the European standard EN 13823 (SBI) and EN-ISO 11925-2. Values obtained FIGRA 0,2MJ W/s: 21, THR600s MJ: 4.5




Facade cladding & interior


Yoroi: none
Yoroi fixated: Bito White




1850 mm


18 - 20 mm 


155 mm

Mounting method

Black stainless screws, Grad assembly system

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