Mitoyo is produced by Accoya and made from Radiata Pine, which is a fast-growing pine species.

Mitoyo has a distinctive, even pattern in the carbon layer, interspersed with small knots and bristles, which gives it a lively appearance. The silver sheen of the carbon layer gives Mitoyo a different appearance depending on the angle of the light. The hard carbon layer makes Mitoyo ideal as a durable finish for a façade or roof.

In addition to the carbon-only version, we can also supply Mitoyo that has undergone a Bito White fixation, which is a colourless water-based resin. This fixation will tone down the outer surface, make it slightly tougher and prevent the carbon from staining. This makes the fixated Mitoyo product extremely suitable for interior applications.

Mitoyo has a standard fire class of D, S0, D1 (European standard - EN13501). Untreated Mitoyo (i.e. with only a pure carbon layer) will initially stain slightly, but this is reduced with every rain shower.


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Accoya®, FSC®

Origin of wood



Interior and facade cladding


Mitoyo: no
Mitoyo fixated: Bito White




4000mm, Other sizes strongly depend on supply and season.




70mm, 95mm, 145mm en 195mm

Mounting method

Stainless steel screws

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