Naoshima is our version of Shou Sugi Ban and the primary product we are proud of at Zwarthout. Naoshima has an irregular but characteristic pattern, which gleams beautifully in the sun. The brittle, black carbon layer ages over the years acquiring a beautiful patina (weathering), which fits the Japanese philosophy of life of Wabi Sabi. The philosophy of Wabi Sabi embraces the serene beauty of transience and imperfection. Noashima is particularly suitable for exterior applications. The carbon stains somewhat, but it does not wash out when it rains.

The brittle coal layer requires a specific detailing of the building to reduce the influence of wind and weather. We recommend that this type not be used above a height of 6 metres above ground level or exposed to wind on open ground.

In addition to the carbon-only version, we can also supply Naoshima that has been treated with Bito White, a colourless resin. This is a water-based resin and will tone down the outer surface, make it slightly more matte and prevent the carbon from staining.

Naoshima is made of Douglas fir from sustainably managed Dutch forests. The durability of Douglas wood is Class 3 and is therefore very suitable for use as wall cladding. Characteristic of Douglas wood is the smell and the presence of knots. These knots may be visible in the carbon layer.

The fire resistance classes of Naoshima are D, S0, D1 as standard (European standard - EN13501). With a specially developed sealed profile, it has classes B, S1, D0.

Naoshima is a natural product. This means that individual planks may differ from one another.

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Type of wood


Origin of wood



Facade cladding


Naoshima: none
Naoshima fixated: Bito White




1 - 5m


23 – 50 mm


50 - 250 mm

Mounting method

Stainless screws with black tip

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