Characteristic, irregular pattern, nice patina

Product description

Naoshima has a natural and irregular pattern that shines beautifully in the sun. The brittle charred layer weathers and ages, giving it more character over the years. This fits within the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, a philosophy that embraces the calming beauty of the transient and the imperfect.

Wood type

Naoshima is made from the Douglas fir. A type of wood originating from from FSC® certified European forests. The presence of knots in the wood makes it more characteristic and are visible in the charred layer. During the charring process, knots up to 2 cm in size can fall out. This gives it an extra irregular effect. Naoshima is labelled with a durability class 3 certification and can be used as a sustainable choice for cladding.

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Specification text (download)

Type of wood

Douglas, FSC®, Hollands hout Staatbosbeheer 

Origin of wood



Facade cladding


Naoshima: none
Naoshima fixated: Bito White

Fire class 

D (European standard – EN13501)




Up to 5000 mm


23 mm – 30 mm


60 mm - 250 mm

Mounting method

Stainless steel screws with a black head

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