Kazura has a robust and sturdy pattern with large scales. The angle of the light can give these scales an oil-like glow, which provides a unique look to the interior and exterior. The carbon layer has a strong structure, which makes Kazura resistant to severe weather conditions, and it is very suitable as a durable wall cladding.

In addition to the charred version, we can also supply treated Kazura. Bito White, a colourless resin, is used for this treatment, which is a water-based resin. The carbon layer becomes matt during the treatment to stop it from staining. This is ideal for interior applications.

The wood used for Kazura is made from Pinus Radiata, which is a fast-growing type of pine tree from FSC® certified forests in New Zealand. The wood is thermally modified, which means that the wood is heated to 230 degrees during the modification process, without using chemicals. This places this type of wood in durability class 1 (EN350).

Kazura is a natural product. This means that individual items may differ from each other.

Product data sheet (download)

Specification text (download)

Type of wood

Pinus Radiata, FSC®

Origin of wood

New Zealand


Interior, facade cladding


Kazura: none
Kazura fixated: Bito White




3,6m, 4,2m en 4,8m




68 - 142mm

Mounting method

Deckingscrews, Stainless, black tip

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