Nakatado is charred by our fire masters and then brushed and treated with Bito Black. This brings out the lively grain structure which has a height difference of about 1-2 mm between the higher and lower parts. Nakatado is resistant to all weather conditions and does not stain. The flat flame pattern adds a touch of serenity and gives the room a contemporary feel. The versatility of the wood makes Nakatado a great alternative for applications that require a highly durable wood type.

After charring and brushing, Nakatado is treated with our Bito Black which provides good protection against water, dirt, mould and other deposits. We recommend repeating this treatment every 3 to 5 years. We can also provide a silk gloss and/or scratchproof coating for interior use. Feel free to enquire about the available options.

The wood for Nakatdo is Pinus Radiata, a fast-growing pine species from FSC® certified forests in New Zealand. The wood is thermally modified, which means that during the modification process the wood is heated to 230 degrees without use of chemicals. This gives this wood species the durability class 1 (EN350).  The wood has a service life of at least 30 years. Nakatado has a standard fire resistance class D-s2, d2, in accordance with European standard - EN13502.

Nakatado is a natural product. This means that individual planks may differ from one another.

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Type of wood

Thermal Radiata Pine, FSC®

Origin of wood

New Zealand


Interior, facade cladding


Bito Black


3-5 years


3,6m, 4,2m en 4,8m




68 - 142mm

Mounting method

Deckingscrews, Stainless, black tip

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