The origin of Omiyama is Platowood Fraké, a sustainable wood (FSC) that has been modified by heating. Application: interior and exterior.

Platowood uses fast growing woods such as Fraké (a very fast-growing African wood species). Platowood Fraké is virtually fault-free; there are no knots in the wood. Characteristic of some parties are black lines and the occurrence of a small hole here and there (pinholes). The durability of Platowood is Class 2 (EN 350) and is guaranteed for at least 15 years. This makes Omiyama ideal as a sustainable, ecological finish outdoors. Our resistant Omiyama is available with pure carbon layer or extra treated with an ecological resin to protect against wind and rain and if desired with a higher fire resistance.



Interior, Exterior



Origin wood

West Africa, FSC forests


Maximum 5 meter


21, 30 or 45mm


95, 120, 145 and 195mm

Mounting method

Deckingscrews, Stainless, black tip