Hard charred layer, irregular pattern, matt appearance

Product description

Omiyama’s hard charred layer gets a beautiful bronze glow in the sun. The charred layer is burnt deep and has a natural uneven structure. This variant is resistant to heavy weather conditions. This makes Omiyama very suitable as a durable finish on facades. Omiyama is also a powerful eye-catcher indoors. Fixated, Omiyama becomes deep matt black in colour.

Wood type

Omiyama is made from Frake; a fast-growing limba from Cameroon. For Omiyama, a hydrothermally modified variant of Frake
is used. By heating up the wood, the cell structure changes, making it more sustainable.


Product data sheet (download)

Specification text (download)

Type of wood

Fraké wood

Origin of wood



Interior and facade cladding


Omiyama: none
Omiyama fixated: Bito White

Fire class

D (European standard – EN13501)




Up to 5000 mm


21, 30 or 41 mm


95, 120, 145 and 195 mm

Mounting method

Stainless steel screws with a black head

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