Marugame originates from Accoya®, a durable wood modified by acetylation. It is a durable and environmentally friendly option for outdoor use. Accoya® is made from a fast-growing pine (Radiata Pine). The wood is modified into a new, durable, dimensionally stable product by means of a non-toxic process that is also extremely environmentally friendly. Accoya® wood is ideal for maintenance-free applications. The durability of Accoya® is Class 1 (EN 350), the highest durability class. Accoya® has extensive quality certificates (KOMO, RAL, BBA, WDMA, etc.) and is guaranteed to last at least 50 years above ground and 25 years in direct contact with soil. Our resistant Marugame is available with a pure carbon layer or treated for extra protection against wind and rain. It also comes with a higher fire resistance, if necessary.

New! Marugame shingles for roof or facade:


Interior, Exterior



Origin wood

New Sealand/ Netherlands


1 to 4.8 meter


20– 60 mm


50-200 mm

Moisture content

6% to 8%

Mounting method

Deckingscrews, Stainless, black tip

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