Characteristic, versatile
Silvery charred layer

Product description

This beautiful, charred wood has a characteristic and equally divided pattern. The silvery glow of the charred layer has a different look depending on the angle of the sunlight. The hard charred layer makes Marugame ideal as a sustainable cladding for roofs and facades.Marugame is also very suitable as an attractive eye- catcher in a special interior.

Wood type

The wood used for Marugame is Accoya® of the Pinus Radiata tree, a fast-growing pine species. The wood
is modified through a non-toxic acetylation process. Accoya® is labelled with durability class 1 and other quality certifications (i.a. KOMO, RAL, BBA, WDMA), and a cradle-to- cradle gold certification. The wood has a lifespan of at least 50 years above ground, and 25 years when in contact with soil and fresh water.


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Specification text (download)


Type of wood

Accoya®, FSC®

Origin of wood

New Zealand


Interior and facade cladding


Marugame: None
Marugame fixated: Bito White

Fire class 

D (European standard – EN13501)




2400 mm, 3000 mm, 3600 mm, 4200 mm and 4800 mm


10 mm and 23 mm


100 mm, 150 mm  and 200 mm

Mounting method

Stainless steel screws with a black head

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