Ayagawa is the oak version of the charred Japanese Shou Sugi Ban. The robust oak wood with its brittle carbon layer has a timeless, rustic pattern. Ayagawa will acquire an attractive, dull black colour when charred in the flames of our oven. The knots in the carbon layer give the wood a rugged appearance. Ayagawa is particularly suitable for use in interiors.

Ayagawa’s carbon layer is vulnerable to impact damage. We therefore supply Ayagawa with Bito Hard, which is a hard coating, as standard. This coating strengthens the brittle carbon layer, makes it slightly more matt in appearance and stops the carbon from staining.

Ayagawa is made of oak, which is a robust and versatile type of wood. The durability of oak is Class 2-3. Typical of oak is the presence of knots and the wood will continue to expand and shrink under the influence of moisture and temperature fluctuations. This could cause the wood to warp slightly over the years, for example. The knots may be visible in the carbon layer.

The fire resistance classes of Ayagawa are D, S0, D1 as standard (European standard - EN13501).

Ayagawa is a natural product. This means that individual planks may differ from one another.


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Bito Hard




1 to 5 meter


23 – 30 mm


50 - 200 mm

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deckingscrews, Stainless (black tip)

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