Zwarthout is opting for far-reaching sustainability and will start planting trees locally at Kwekerij 't Lage Laer in Leersum on Saturday 17 November.

After a long hot summer and disturbing reports about the climate, we think it's time to take action.

Is an unlivable planet the fate for generations to come? Or is that our choice?

At Zwarthout we choose, as an entrepreneur, to work towards ensuring a livable world. We use natural raw materials such as wood and wood oil and want to give the earth back more than what we take from it. For every tree we use, we plant three more. We do this every year. We are working as a company to be fully CO2 neutral in 2019 and by 2020, to even leave a positive footprint.

What are we going to do?
To begin with we are planting 250 trees at Arboretum La Tuillière, Ayen in the South of France and on Saturday 17 November we will plant another 250 trees at Kwekerij 't Lage Laer next to Landgoed Broekhuizen (estate Broekhuizen), near our workshop in Leersum. It will also be fun, because after planting the trees we will head back to Zwarthout. We will provide pea soup and brown beers from 5 PM and, for those who want, a tour of the site.

Do you want to join us? Then let us know via an email to

Put on your old (and warm) clothes, sturdy shoes or boots and at 2 PM come (preferably with shovel) to Zwarthout, Middelweg 85 in Leersum, and then take a short walk to the nursery.