How about an exclusive garden pergola with black wood? At Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban, we specialise in burnt wood in the traditional Japanese way. Choose from various types of wood for your luxury canopy or submit it as an architect or (construction) company. Contact us or request a sample box.


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Exclusive pergola black wood

Anyone who likes to spend time in the garden would do well to go for an exclusive garden canopy made of black wood. It creates a distinctive look. In this way, your unique pergola becomes a stylish extension of your home. Our fire masters provide custom-charred wood to suit your design needs.


Sustainable pergola

At Zwarthout l Shou Sugi Ban, we are committed to sustainability. Each board stores CO2 and thus contributes to the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere. Naturally, our wood comes from sustainably managed forests. All our products are bio-based and/or biodegradable. The burnt boards are charred by the fire in our ovens. So no chemicals such as paint are added.

For the tree we use, trees are planted back. This replanting is done locally as much as possible: near Leersum, and partly in France. Our suppliers, including the Forestry Commission, also plant trees back for the trees that are harvested. 

All our clients can replant the equivalent of the wood they buy during the annual Zwarthout Tree Planting Day in one of the estates around our company. This allows us and our clients to watch our 'own' trees grow over the years.


Assembling a blackwood pergola

We offer you our service from start to finish. That means that in addition to personal advice and our various types of charred wood, we also provide you with our Zwarthout assembly service. We can assist you with aesthetic and technical design choices and are happy to assemble the wood for your blackwood canopy. Assembling correctly is important for the longevity of your luxury structure.

Custom made pergola

A black wooden facade for your pergola is custom-made. Transforming an existing one into a Shou Sugi Ban black wooden pearl? Or the space near the house you would like to extend with a special black-charerd facade? From design to choice of wood type and finish, we go for unlimited possibilities for your exclusive wooden canopy.


Compose your black charred wood pergola

Would you like to order a luxury pergola with black charred wood cladding? Add a unique atmosphere to your outdoor space and enjoy a durable and warm place from now on? Choose the advantages and splendour of burnt wood. Order your sample box online or visit our showroom in Leersum to discover the wood types. Want to know more immediately? Contact us for a quotation or advice. Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban for the most exclusive canopies with blackwood cladding. 


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