Are you looking for something unique for your house extension? Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban has a collection of charred wood for a special finish. This durable cladding is available in a variety of wood species, textures and looks. Would you like an extension made of black timber for your home, as an private customer, architect or (construction) company? Contact us or request a sample box!


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Exclusive home with a black timber extension

To add space to your home, building an extension is a good choice. This could, for example, be a modern extension with a durable façade made of black charred wood. Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban has been making this special cladding since 2012. The wood is burned by the fire masters in the oven, giving each plank a unique char layer, texture and appearance.


Durable and fire-retardant charred layer for your black timber extension

Shou Sugi Ban wood offers several advantages. First of all, the black wood's durable charred layer ensures that the extension is protected against external influences. Think of moisture, rain, wind and hail, as well as pests and fungi. Secondly, the charred wood has a fire-retardant effect, which is an additional advantage in such emergencies.


An extension made of FSC-certified black timber 

At Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban, sustainability is paramount. When you choose black charred wood for your house extension, you are making an environmentally conscious choice. All the wood comes from FSC-certified forests. We cooperate with the Dutch Forestry Commission, among others, and plant trees back together with our clients every year. For a healthy planet, now and in the future.


Maintenance-free black timber extension

The planks of the black charred wood store CO2. Thus, building an extension house with black wood contributes to the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere. Moreover, we do not use chemical coatings, but treat your extension with a fixation or oil based on natural resin if required. Your home's extension is virtually maintenance-free if you choose the charred varieties from Zwarthout l Shou Sugi Ban. With the brushed products, the planks should receive periodic and brief maintenance every three to five years.


House extension black timber: characteristic!

You can also choose to let natural weathering take its course. Many people love robust woodwork with slight craquelé (cracks). It emphasises the rural character of the extension and provides the most exclusive look you could wish for. Of course, we will inform you in detail about the possibilities and advise you on maintenance, finishing and Shou Sugi Ban products.


Assembling an extension with black timber

Once you have chosen your favourite Zwarthout| Shou Sugi Ban product, it is time for the realisation. Naturally, we will coordinate this carefully with you and provide advice when making design choices. To enjoy your extension made of black timber, proper assembly is very important. You can therefore use our professional assembly service. 


Build your house extension with black timber

Would you like a luxury extension made of black charred wood? Then experience the power and beauty of Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban wood. Request our sample box and get to know our complete high-quality collection. Or contact us with any questions. We will be happy to enthusiastically tell you about all the possibilities.


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