Are you a private customer, (construction) company or architect looking for bio-based cladding? Then the charred wood from Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban is a good choice! With this sustainable cladding, you minimise the burden on the environment. And it looks great too. Discover our sample box now!


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Why bio-based cladding?

The impact of building on the environment has become increasingly clear in recent years. Many building materials leave a large ecological footprint. Do you like to think about the future of our planet?

Then bio-based cladding is an excellent alternative to other types of cladding. Every board stores CO2 and thus contributes to the climate. 


What makes our cladding biobased?

Biobased cladding from Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban is made from wood that is completely biodegradable. All our wood comes from demonstrably sustainably managed forests with an FSC label. 

In addition, no chemicals are added to give the wooden planks a black color. 
And our charred variants require no maintenance in the form of painting. 


Bio-based cladding for less environmental impact

Cladding materials such as cement, concrete and steel cause high CO2 emissions and environmental impact. This is not the case with our bio-based cladding. CO2 is stored for a long time in each wooden board. In addition, the trees that are planted every year ensure cleaner and purified air.


Bio-based cladding with minimal environmental impact

Zwarthout I Shou Sugi Ban has continuously improved its ovens over the years, which now allows planks to be burnt with minimal gas input. Most of the energy to burn the planks comes from the wood itself. Shou Sugi Ban's process is actually not burning but "degassing" of wood. This is also known as pyrolysis. These gases are collected in the kiln itself and reignited with oxygen in another place to get heat. With very low energy consumption, extensive use of Dutch wood and no addition of chemicals, Zwarthout I Shou Sugi Ban provides cladding with a very low environmental impact.


Avoid chemical treatments with bio-based cladding

Certain wooden cladding needs periodic chemical treatments after installation. Consider coatings that are not optimal for the environment, but are necessary to repel insects and protect the wood from the weather.  Thanks to Shou Sugi Ban burning techniques for bio-based cladding, no such chemical coating is necessary. Our charred products are black and remain black in colour. Therefore, these products no longer need stain or oil. 


Safe biobased cladding

Of course, it is important that your biobased cladding is fire-safe. The charred layer creates a natural and fire-resistant layer. In emergency situations, this ensures that a fire is less likely to develop. This protective layer is also a natural protection against mould and insects.


Ordering bio-based wall cladding

Besides the fact that the cladding is biobased, the aesthetic aspect is also important. We offer a choice of different textures and looks. Request our sample box and find out for yourself. Contact us for questions or a no-obligation quote. We go for customisation and, if desired, we can also take care of the installation of your biobased cladding.


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