Are you a private customer, (construction) company or architect looking for an exclusive finish for a house, garden house or extension? A wooden planks wall made of black charred wood gives a contemporary and luxurious look! Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban has a special collection of burnt wood in various textures and looks. Request our sample box and find out for yourself!


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Shou Sugi Ban wood

The wood products from Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban are treated with fire, giving them a unique and durable charred layer.

The special Shou Sugi Ban firing technique we use in the process is inspired by an ancient Japanese tradition. In our test centre, we are constantly pioneering and innovating: with a sustainable, efficient way of working, new ways of firing, new sustainable types of wood and new finishes with biodegradable resin and oil.


Facade or wall made of black wooden planks

In recent years, we have already realised hundreds of special projects with our exclusive black charred wood: for sustainable facade or wall cladding. Vertical planks, horizontal planks, triangles or shingles.

All our charred wood is custom-made and burned for leading architects, contractors, property developers and enthusiastic private customers.


Protective charred layer of black wooden planks

Because the wood is given a natural charcoal layer, it is well protected against numerous influences: wind, snow, insects and moisture.

The charred products Marugame, Naoshima, Omiyama and Yoroi are also maintenance-free due to the charcoal layer. In addition, the charred layer also offers a fire-retardant effect.

Thus, we also offer wood with a fire class B. This fire class is extremely suitable for public buildings, among others, where a fire class B is required. 


Durable black wooden wall

At Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban, we value sustainability highly. The wood we burn comes from FSC-certified forests.

Moreover, we ensure that trees are planted back during our annual Zwarthout tree planting day! 


Mounting black wooden planks 

At Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban, we offer assembly service for mounting your black wooden planks on the wall. The experts at our Zwarthout mounting service can mount our wood in the perfect (and technically best) way for you as well. So that you can enjoy the magnificent result for a long time.


Assemble black wooden planks on the wall

Are you excited to finish your indoor or outdoor space with black wooden planks from Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban charred wood? Request our sample box and choose your favourite look and texture, or contact us for personal advice. We will answer all your questions and give you a customised quote.


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