Are you an architect, (construction) company or private individual looking for maintenance-free facade cladding? With our Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban, you choose a durable and low-maintenance facade cladding with a beautiful luxurious look. Get to know the entire Blackwood | Shou Sugi Ban collection and request a sample box.


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Wooden cladding: maintenance-free and unique!

The advantage of maintenance-free facade cladding is obviously that you don't need to do any maintenance. And that is exactly what you can expect from our black-fired wood. Our fire masters burn the planks according to the Japanese burning technique Shou Sugi Ban. Burning the wood in our oven gives it a fire-retardant layer and black colour. Moisture and insects also don't stand a chance. With our unique burnt wood, you combine aesthetics and function in an excellent way. The black colour is created by the fire in our oven. So no chemicals such as paint are involved.


Durable maintenance-free cladding

Because Shou Sugi Ban fired wood is so low-maintenance, it is also a durable choice. You will enjoy it for a long time! But there are even more reasons to choose this maintenance-free cladding. Each board can be cut to size and burnt to fit your entire design. For example, you can choose a combination of different widhts, vertical or horizontal cladding, In addition, a great advantage of our black-fired wood is that it absorbs CO2. Moreover, at Zwarthout l Shou Sugi Ban, we use certified timbers from demonstrably sustainably managed forests, and plant trees back every year! 


Maintenance-free facade: is black and stays black 

Burnt wood planks as facade cladding retain their black colour through burning. Especially the charred varieties with the scaled structure. And the special thing about these charred variants is that all the different wood species have a different texture and sheen. Some have a silver sheen and small scales, while others have an oily sheen and large scales. Although the colour always remains black, the texture and sheen create a clear difference between the wood types.


Advice on maintenance-free facade cladding

At Zwarthout l Shou Sugi Ban, we will be happy to advise you personally on the maintenance of our Shou Sugi Ban cladding. If you choose our charred variants, then you are choosing a maintenance-free facade. Burnt and brushed wood deserves periodic maintenance every three to five years to keep it in the best possible condition. We can tell you more about maintenance for each type of wood chosen.

Assembly of maintenance-free facade cladding

Besides being happy to offer the most beautiful and unique maintenance-free facade cladding, our Mounting Service team can also assembly the wood for you. Our specialists will visit you for installation or give you sound advice on the approach. This way, you can enjoy a beautiful facade for as long as possible. 


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Does our maintenance-free facade cladding appeal to you, or do you work as an architect or construction company and want to present our exclusive types of wood to clients? Choose the functionality, durability and beauty of Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban black-fired wood. Request our sample box to experience our collection or contact us for personal advice and a customised quotation.


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