Are you a (construction) company, architect or private individual looking for unique wall cladding made of wood? Get to know Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban! We burn wood in a unique way to achieve the most sustainable and characteristic look. Curious about the different types of wood as wall cladding? Then request our sample box!


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Breathtaking wooden walls

Original and beautiful, that is what you can expect from wood wall cladding. Especially if you choose our black charred wood. This is manufactured in a special way, giving it a unique look. Choose from numerous textures and go for a unique twist in your interior or exterior. As the first European producer, we at Zwarthout l Shou Sugi Ban started burning wood according to the Japanese tradition Shou Sugi Ban. Since then, we have been making breathtaking walls from blackburned wood for projects around the world for more than 10 years. 


Sustainable wooden wall cladding

Our wood wall cladding is not only beautiful and unique, but also sustainable in several areas. Because our fire masters burn the wood, a fire-retardant layer is created. In addition, the wood stores CO2 and the charred varieties are maintenance-free. To blacken the wood, fire is used and not chemicals such as paint. Our timber wall cladding comes from sustainably managed forests and for the trees we use, trees are planted back every year during the Zwarthout tree planting day. 


Assembling wooden wall cladding

As an architect, contractor or private individual, you can provide us with a drawing, but we can also think along with you about the design of your wooden wall cladding. Thanks to years of experience, our experts can provide personal advice and look over the technical drawings with you. Do you also want it fitted by specialists? Then our assembly team is ready to assist you. With our Zwarthout mounting service team, you can be sure that the Zwarthout wall cladding will be fitted perfectly.


Wooden exterior wall cladding

Wooden exterior wall cladding is something you see more and more these days. It gives a home a warm, natural and exclusive look. Cladding part of the facade, or just the back of your home to give your garden a rural character. Zwarthout l Shou Sugi Ban burnt wood is properly treated to last for years.


Wood wall cladding indoors

Wood wall cladding is also a great idea for indoors. You see it in trendy restaurants, shops and businesses, as well as in exclusive homes. As an architect or construction company, you surprise clients with an extraordinary design. Or maybe you are an individual looking for a refreshing idea. Wooden wall cladding in your living room, as a bar or hairdressing. The black charred wood is certainly also suitable in the interior.


Order wooden wall cladding

Would you like to order black charred wood wall cladding from us? At Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban, we can advise you personally. Request our sample box to already experience the warm atmosphere of the wooden wall cladding or contact us for a customised quotation without any obligation.


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