Are you looking for outdoor wall cladding with an authentic look? Then you have a look at the collection of Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban. Our fire masters have been burning wood using the Shou Sugi Ban technique since 2012. This gives the wood planks a characteristic colour and appearance. Curious about the different types of wood? Request a sample box!

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Outdoor wall covering Zwarthout l Shou Sugi Ban

Traditional craftsmanship

The Shou Sugi Ban technique originates from the 18th century in Japan. Shou Sugi Ban ('burnt cypress') involves burning softwood on one side by binding three planks together to form a chimney and lighting a fire at the bottom. We combine this age-old tradition with modern techniques in our workshop in Leersum. We use a self-developed oven to burn the wood. We burn the top layer of the wood, creating a unique charredlayer.
The primal force of the fire remains visible in the colour and texture of the wood. All burnt woods have their own structure and applications, both aesthetically and structurally. Our exclusive wood is highly suitable as durable wall cladding.


Durable outdoor wall covering 

At Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban, we attach great importance to sustainability. That is why we only use wood from sustainably managed forests. The vitality and biodiversity of these forests is paramount. For every tree we use, a tree is replanted. 
This replanting is done locally as much as possible: near Leersum, and partly in France. Our suppliers, including the Dutch Forestry Commission, also replant trees for the trees we use. So all the wood burned and used by us is replanted! 
All our clients can replant the wood they have bought during the annual Zwarthout Tree Planting Day in one of the estates around our company. This allows us and our clients to watch our 'own' trees grow over the years.


Durable outdoor wall cladding

Choice of various textures

Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban offers unique wooden wall covering. We burn various types of wood for indoor and outdoor applications. Each type of wood has its own character. Thus, you can choose from various textures and looks: robust or refined.


Samples of burnt wood

Are you curious about the possibilities? Then order our sample box. The sample box for the exterior consists of a catalogue and 6 samples: Yoroi, Marugame, Naoshima, Kazura, Shodoshima and Omiyama. 
You can compare the different types of wood. Would you like to see all our products with your own eyes? Then visit our workshop in Leersum. You are welcome by appointment. 


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