Are you an architect, contractor or private individual working on the timber construction of a house and want to use vertical cladding made of wood? Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban offers you unique wooden cladding. The wood is charred according to the ancient Japanese burning technique Shou Sugi Ban and has a unique and authentic appearance. The wood is also more resistant to moisture and insects.

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Durable vertical wood cladding

We only use wood from sustainably managed forests and replant trees. This is done locally as much as possible: near Leersum, and partly in France. Our suppliers, including the Forestry Commission, also replant the trees we use. So all the wood we burn and use is replanted! 
All our clients can replant the wood they have bought during the annual Zwarthout Tree Planting Day in one of the estates around our company. This allows us and our clients to watch our 'own' trees grow over the years

How the Shou Sugi Ban technique works

The Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient technique, originating in Japan. Today, we combine modern techniques with the traditional Japanese technique. We use our self-developed oven to burn the top layer of each wooden plank. Burning the wood creates a charcoal layer. This coal layer is fire-retardant, maintenance-free and protected against insects and moisture. This is how we create vertical timber cladding with an authentic look. 
In addition to our charred variants, we also make charred and brushed products. The charcoal layer is brushed after burning, making the texture and flame pattern of the wood clearly visible. After brushing, we treat the wood with an oil or stain. This ensures a longer life for the wood. 

Order wood with an authentic look

Do you want to give your home a unique and authentic look? Or do you have another kind of project in mind? Choose for a distinctive vertical cladding made of black charred wood. Please visit us for product advice or advice on detailing and finishing your cladding.
Our timbers are specially selected for you and fired in the traditional Japanese way by our fire masters. Each type of wood has its own texture and finish. Are you curious about the possibilities? If so, we will be happy to prepare a customised quotation for you.

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