Are you an architect, contractor or private individual looking to realise a black burnt Accoya cladding? If so, we can offer you Accoya charred wood. Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban has brought the beauty of burnt wood to Europe. To do this, we combine the traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique with modern technology. Normally Accoya is light in colour, but our black charred wood called ''Marugame'' has an authentic look with a hard charred layer and equally divided pattern.

An Accoya cladding made of burnt wood

Our specialists are ready to burn and install unique black Accoya cladding. Our team consists of various specialists. Thanks to their specific background, we can always - based on the drawings of your work - give the right advice on detailing and finishing. Upon request, we can also make a mock-up for you.
Our burnt wood has several advantages. Besides having an authentic look, the material is very sustainable. This is because the wood is more resistant to moisture and insects. In addition, each plank stores CO2 and thus contributes to the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere. In Japan, ancient temples can still be found in perfect condition. If you want a unique and attractive end result, black Accoya cladding is an excellent choice. 

About our production process

To create your black charred Accoya cladding, we choose wood from sustainably managed forests. A new tree is planted for every tree felled. Accoya grows relatively quickly and is therefore a sustainable choice. The wood is burnt piece by piece by our fire masters. This is done in a oven we have developed ourselves.


Order black wood for an Accoya cladding

Would you like to order black wood to create a black Accoya façade? Our Marugame product has a characteristic and silvery charcoal layer. This unique product is very suitable as cladding. Curious about the look of Marugame? Then you can order a sample box from us. Need advice? Our specialists are happy to think along with you. Together, we can make beautiful things.


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