Would you like exterior wood cladding? At Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban, we offer you burned wood using the Shou Sugi Ban technique. This wood is black and has an authentic look. An exterior cladding of wood gives your house, apartment complex or office building a characteristic appearance. Curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to advise you. 


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The advantages of exterior wood cladding 

Moreover, this exterior cladding of wood offers several other advantages. For example, burned wood has a very long lifespan. The material is sturdy and resistant to moisture, mould and insects. Do you want a sustainable and authentic cladding? Then we can offer you various types of burned wood.


Sustainable wood

Private individuals, construction companies and architects increasingly choose sustainable wood. Wood is in itself a sustainable material, and burning it extends its lifespan even further. At Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban, we work exclusively with wood from trees from sustainably managed forests. For the trees we use, new ones are planted back. This way, we prevent the forest from shrinking.


An authentic exterior wood cladding 

Would you like an authentic exterior wood cladding? Then it is good to know that at Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban we can burn various types of wood. All wood species in our collection have their own characteristic texture and appearance. 
The experts at our Zwarthout assembly service can also assemble our wood in the most beautiful (and technically best) way for you. So that you can enjoy the magnificent result for a long time to come and give your facade a beautiful and authentic look.


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Are you going for an exterior wood cladding and want to know more about the possibilities offered by Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban? Feel free to contact us! We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right type of wood and realise a unique and authentic product for you.