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We have composed two sample boxes, one for indoor use and one for outdoor use.  Each box contains one Zwarthout catalogue and six samples. Unfortunately, we cannot honour all requests and are therefore forced to ask for a contribution to the costs.  You can order the box below.

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Shou Sugi Ban

Shou Sugi Ban (burnt cypress) is a traditional Japanese technique in which coniferous wood is charred on one side.  Traditionally, this was done by binding three boards together to form a chimney and starting a fire at the bottom. The original reason for charring was, ironically, fire prevention.  As Japanese houses were mostly made of wood, inhabitants of the villages and towns were very aware of fire risks.  The scorching of the façades created a fire-retardant carbon layer. They also discovered that this layer offered good protection against vermin and fungus. The ancient art of Shou Sugi Ban is still being used on houses on the islands of Kanawa’s prefecture.


We provide our products in sizes varying from 50-250mm width and 20-40mm thickness, and in lengths between 2 and 5 metres.  Our standard size of 23x150 mm comes in lengths of 3 and 3.5 metres.  We recommend that you order an additional 10% to compensate for loss by sawing


Shou Sugi Ban is a vulnerable product that can easily be damaged, especially during installation.  This damage could be the reason for later wear and tear. For that reason, we also offer installation advice.  We recommend that the wood be mounted with countersunk stainless steel black head screws. This makes the installation virtually invisible.



Natural products weather over time and look different after 10 or 20 years.  The wood tells a story and shows its history.  This also applies to Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban.  For this reason we cannot guarantee the appearance of Zwarthout products,   but we do guarantee the attention, care and love that we put into them. 

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Would you like to first see our Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban products and get personal advice?  Feel free to visit our workshop in Leersum or order a sample box first. Would you like to receive a tailored proposal for your situation now?

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Wood variety: Douglas, Oak, Accoya or in consultation

Origin of wood:  FSC Netherlands and New Zeeland

Surface texture: as per sample

Humidity percentage Douglas:  13% to 19%

Humidity percentage Oak:  10% to 12%

Humidity percentage Accoya:  4% to 6%

Plank thickness: 18 – 60 mm nominal

Plank width:  50-250 mm

Panel width  50-800 mm

Profile: In consultation

Surface treatment: Depending on choice

Mounting method: Stainless steel Fe410 4x40; 4x50; 4x80 (black head);

Price according to preference, quantity and on request.

Fire resistance Naoshima type bkB up to Class B, Marugame with impregnation Class B  

Price according to preference, quantity and on request.