Give an authentic and unique look to your home or property? Go for high-quality burnt wood from Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban. Burning the wood creates a fire-retardant layer and protects it from insects and mould. At Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban, we make a variety of charred wood. We would love to let you see and experience for yourself the top quality and beauty of our beautiful collection.

How does burnt wood work?

Burnt wood is a typical Japanese wood product. Its origins date back to the 18th century. At that time, this woodworking technique was widely used in Japan. Burning wood was done according to the Shou Sugi Ban technique. Traditionally, burnt wood in Japan was stacked and held over a fire. Nowadays, our fire masters at the workshop in Leersum work with an oven they developed themselves. There, the wood is burned - piece by piece.

A highly durable material

Because of its long lifespan, burnt wood is a very durable building material. At Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban, we attach great importance to sustainability. For this reason, our wood also comes from demonstrably sustainably managed forests. The forests from which our wood comes are therefore maintained for a long time. 

Burnt wood for the facade

Burnt wood is mainly used as cladding. This quickly gives the home or business premises an authentic look. Do you want to use Shou Sugi Ban wood as a building material? Then the experts at Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban can assemble the material in the most beautiful (and technically best) way for you.

Burnt wood from Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban

Do you want to realise a home or business premises with a unique look? At Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban, we are happy to think along with you and advise you for the best result. Curious about the look and feel of our burnt wood? Then order a sample box! This will give you a good idea of the different types of wood we can supply.


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