Our mission is to make our world more sustainable and beautiful. We believe improving our climate is more than just necessary, and we want to make specials things together with you.

Wood from sustainably managed forests
Our responsibility begins with a conscious choice of wood as luxurious, aesthetic façade cladding. Each plank stores CO2, and thus contributes to the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere. Of course, our wood comes from sustainably managed forests. All our products are bio-based and/or easily biodegradable.

Replanting trees
For every tree we use, we plant new trees. We try to do this locally as much as possible, near Leersum and in France. Our suppliers, such as Staatsbosbeheer, replant one tree for every tree we use. That means that all wood charred and used by Zwarthout is replanted! Each of our clients can replant the equivalent of the wood they used during the annual Zwarthout Tree Planting Day at one of the properties near our premises. That way we can see our ‘own’ trees grow over time together with our clients.