The only way is up!

Zwarthout’s mission is to make the world a more beautiful and sustainable place by supplying preserved and natural materials that have been manufactured in a responsible manner. The backbone of our company, as it were, is that everything we do must produce something better.

Our responsibility starts with the choice of wood as a building material. Each plank stores CO2, and therefore contributes to the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere, provided that it comes from a sustainably managed forest. For every tree we use, 5 new ones are planted: one in the Netherlands by the Forestry Commission, one in France in ‘our own’ forest in the Corrèze and three by ourselves. Customers can replant the equivalent of the wood they have bought during the annual Zwarthout Tree Planting Day in one of the estates around our company. Over the years they can see their ‘own’ trees grow.

All of our wood is FSC or PEFC certified and all of our products are bio-based or easily degradable.

We are aiming to make our production process CO2 neutral in 2020 by developing a new oven in combination with a heat exchanger. This heat exchanger will provide heating for the companies and families on our estate using the energy released during our production process. We want to continue to develop this method in the future so that we as a company can leave a positive CO2 footprint.