Centre Teilhard de Chardin in Saclay

Size: 1600 m2 | Design: Agence Duthilleul | Type of wood: Marugame

A new rural barn-style house

Design: AL architecten | Type of wood: Marugame

The National Association of Chimney Sweeps Erfurt

Design: Planungsgruppe Korb GmbH Architekten & Ingenieure | Type of wood: Marugame

Six cabins on ''Vuurtoreneiland''

Client: Vuurtoreneiland | Type of wood: Omiyama

Private house KS-KS in Limburg

Design: Dreessen Willemse Architecten | Type of wood: Omiyama

Contemporary barn La Trinité sur Mer!

Size: 140 m2 | Type of wood: Marugame

''Casa Alcanena'' in Portugal

Design: Maison Amarande | Type of wood: Shodoshima

Public buildings ''De Groene Boog''

Design: Quist Wintermans Architekten | Client: Rijkswaterstaat | Type of wood: Yoroi

Stand ''Deutsche Finance Group''

Design: Arno Design | Type of wood: Takamatsu

Barn house with Marugame

Design: Bongers architecten | Type of wood: Marugame

Modern barn house

The Esdal College in Borger

Design: BDG Architecten | Type of wood: Omiyama Yoroi

New Nakatado home

Design: FIER architecten | Type of wood: Nakatado

Fire station in Germany

Design: Scheidt Kasprusch Architekten | Type of wood: Marugame

Modern house in Zunderdorp

Design: Bastiaan Jongerius | Type of wood: Marugame

Apartments in Switzerland

Design: Element architektur | Type of wood: Takamatsu

Sustainable apartments in Amsterdam

Design: Natrufied Architecture | Type of wood: Yoroi

Huygens Lyceum in Eindhoven

Client: LIAG architecten | Type of wood: Yoroi

Family home in Lansdown

Design: Nash Partnership | Type of wood: Naoshima

CO2 neutral Lidl supermarket

Size: 675 m2 | Design: Buro Ursum | Client: Lidl Nederland | Type of wood: Marugame

Art in Petit Palais Paris

Design: Studio Rondinone | Type of wood: Marugame

Breton house on the Emerald Coast

Design: LB Architecture | Type of wood: Marugame

Massivhaus in Germany

Client: Projectontwikkelaar Michael Scheublein | Type of wood: Marugame

A Swiss house with Japanese details

Design: Thomas Wyss, WTA AG, Architekturbüro | Type of wood: Marugame

Office of Rook Bouw

Living in the rural village of Westbroek

Design: ORGA Architect | Type of wood: Marugame Naoshima

A new-style black farmhouse

Design: Quist Wintermans Architekten | Type of wood: Shodoshima

''The New Barn'' in Herpt

Design: Mecanoo | Client: De Nieuwe Schuur | Type of wood: Omiyama Takamatsu

Modern house in Switzerland

Design: archiwork ag | Alain Strässle | Type of wood: Shodoshima

Villa in Portugal

Design: NUTT project | Type of wood: Shodoshima

Marugame home in Limburg

Design: architectenbureau Fritz | Type of wood: Marugame

Villa S in The Hague

Size: 780 m2 | Design: Rau architects, Michel Tombal | Type of wood: Shodoshima

Fire station in Amsterdam

Design: ENZO architecten | Type of wood: Marugame

Fishbone bar for NOMADS

Design: Beers|Brickworks | Client: Jaap Kin en Thomas Mutsaers | Type of wood: Shodoshima

Oostvoorne passive house

Design: Atelier Brink | Type of wood: Naoshima

BEEF! Grill & Bar in Frankfurt

Client: BEEF! Grill & Bar | Type of wood: Marugame

Nonbe Izakaya & Restaurant

Design: B.L.U.E Architecture - Shuhei Aoyama | Client: Nonbe

Treehouse in Bretagne

Size: 84m² | Design: Victoria Migliore | Client: Jean Imbert | Type of wood: Naoshima Naoshima Fixated (Douglas)

LimburgHUIS in GaiaZOO

Design: GaiaZOO | Client: GaiaZOO | Type of wood: Marugame Naoshima

Residential home Woolacombe Bay

Design: Studio Fuse | Type of wood: Naoshima

Stauning Danish Whisky in Denmark

Design: LOOP Architects | Client: Stauning Danish Whisky

Animal hospital in The Hague

Size: 190 m2 | Design: FARO | Client: Stichting Dierenhospitaal en Ambulancedienst Den Haag | Type of wood: Naoshima

Residence in Nesselande Rotterdam

Design: Werkstatt | Type of wood: Naoshima

The Hub in Belgium

Size: 350m2 | Client: Woodstoxx | Type of wood: Marugame

Fire station Maarn/Maarsbergen

Design: Mies Architectuur | Client: Gemeente Utrechtse Heuvelrug | Type of wood: Shodoshima

Modern home in Daknam, Belgium

Design: Mathieu Quickelberghe | Type of wood: Marugame

From factory to modern home

Villa in France

Studio in Breda

Design: Studio Frame | Type of wood: Omiyama

Daelken headquarters in Germany

Design: Daelken Architektur | Client: Daelken Architektur | Type of wood: Marugame

Swedish villa with a Marugame shield

Design: Abelardo Gonzalez | Type of wood: Marugame

Impressive house in the Flemish Ardennes

Design: JUMA architects | Client: Woodstoxx | Type of wood: Marugame

Modernist villa in Swiss

Design: Barcelo Baumann Architekten | Type of wood: Marugame

The black mirror house

Design: Icoon.be architecten | Client: Woodstoxx | Type of wood: Marugame

Modern home in Stevenweert

Design: Xaviera & Roel | Client: Xaviera & Roel | Type of wood: Omiyama

A house in the style of an Archachon villa

Size: 140m2 | Design: Florent Pasquier Architecte | Type of wood: Marugame Shodoshima

A luxury lodge in France

Design: Anseau Dalasalle, Novablok | Client: Bleu Minuit | Type of wood: Marugame

Pool House in France

Size: 167 m2 | Design: Audrey Grzegorzewski - Grad Architecture | Type of wood: Marugame

Cabanas da Comporta Portugal

Client: MIMA Housing | Type of wood: Shodoshima

Garage surrounded by Japanese garden

Size: 90 m2 | Design: Van Mierlo Tuinen en VDA Architecten | Type of wood: Marugame

'Maison KiNoKan' in France

Size: 140 m2 | Design: Francois Primault | Client: Nicolas Bordes | Type of wood: Naoshima

Commercial Building Van Hoecke

Design: B-architecten | Client: Van Hoecke | Type of wood: Marugame

Sustainable house in Amsterdam

Design: Daan Bruggink en Steven van Leeuwen (ORGA architect) | Type of wood: Naoshima

La Vapeur - music centre in Dijon

Music centre La Vapeur opened its doors in Dijon on 7 February 2018.

Size: 1800 m² | Design: Office Parisien d’Architecture (OPA) | Client: Gemeente Dijon | Type of wood: Marugame Naoshima

Poolhouse in Groesbeek

With a design of Atelier Broer a pool house was realized in Groesbeek (NL).

Design: Atelier Broer | Type of wood: Shodoshima

Boutique Blou in Paris

Boutique Blou is a distributer of design furniture

Size: 60m2 | Design: Views Architecture | Client: Julien&Nicolas

The restaurant Encore Scheveningen

High end restaurant Encore opened his doors in Scheveningen Harbour

Size: 175m2 | Type of wood: Marugame

Houseboat Beets in Amsterdam

Size: 250 m2 | Client: J. Beets | Type of wood: Naoshima

Smoked Bar in The Hague

Size: 30 m2 | Design: Smoked Bar | Client: Smoked Bar | Type of wood: Marugame Sakaide

Chalet Sisimiut in Courchevel in France

Size: 250 m2 | Design: Olivier Gay | Type of wood: Naoshima

Studio in Jacob-Bellecombette

Conversion of a garage to an workshop

Size: 35m2 | Client: Pierre Selvat | Type of wood: Marugame

Residential building in Meudon

Size: 67 m2 | Design: WAW Architecture | Client: Privé | Type of wood: Naoshima

Residence in Seignosse

Design: atelier B2p architecture | Client: Privé | Type of wood: Naoshima

Yakisugi home in Montauban

Size: 120 m2 | Design: atelier B2P | Client: privé | Type of wood: Naoshima

Shed in ''Vuurtoreneiland'' Durgerdam

Size: 60m2 | Design: Krft architects | Client: Restaurant Vuurtoreneiland | Type of wood: Naoshima

Aquatic centre De Steur in Kampen

Size: 600m2 | Design: Venhoeve CS | Client: Municipality of Kampen | Type of wood: Shodoshima

The Skewed Stolp

Size: 130m2 | Design: SeARCH

Folly Onix Fraeylemaborg

Size: 24m2 | Design: Onix, Haiko Meijer | Client: Stichting Landgoed Fraeylemaborg | Type of wood: Naoshima

Showroom fireplaces

Showroom for Ewald Bosgoed fireplaces.

Size: 15m2 | Design: Ewald Bosgoed Openhaarden | Client: Ewald Bosgoed Openhaarden | Type of wood: Naoshima Sakaide Shodoshima Takamatsu

Villa in the dunes of Wassenaar

Size: 660m2 | Design: VVKH. | Type of wood: Naoshima


Transition of a former brewery in Wijnegem into a mixed use neighborhood wit dwellings, ateliers and a museum.

Size: 1440m2 | Design: Bogdan van den Broeck | Client: Alex Vervoordt | Type of wood: Naoshima

B & B Lierneux

Sleeping on the slope between the birches

Size: 145m2 | Design: Nu architectuuratelier | Client: Kris en Annelore vandeVoorde; B&B Bois Brulé | Type of wood: Naoshima

Steigereiland 2.0

Energy-Neutral in IJburg

Size: 60m2 | Design: FARO architecten, Pieter Weijnen | Client: Fam. Weijnen - Feikema | Type of wood: Naoshima

Zwarthout workshop in Laren

Our former workshop in Laren

Size: 75m2 | Type of wood: Naoshima


Design: Onix architecten | Client: De Kemp | Type of wood: Naoshima Shodoshima

House Bralts

Size: 280m2 | Design: Molenaar & Bol & Van Dillen architecten | Client: Fam. Bralts | Type of wood: Naoshima


Size: 80m2 | Design: Pieter Weijnen & Mark Spijkerman | Type of wood: Naoshima