Since 2012 Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban produces exclusive wood products by treating the wood with fire. Our charring masters char each wooden board in our own oven, resulting in a unique, sustainable carbon layer. The special Shou Sugi Ban charring technique we use is inspired by an age-old Japanese tradition. 

Sustainable beauty and primal power 
The primal power of the fire remains visible in the colour and texture of the wood. All black charred wood species have their own unique structure and applications, both from an aesthetic and physical structure perspective. 

The black charred wood made by Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban is very well suited for applications like sustainable façade cladding and exceptional interiors. All of our blackened wood is custom charred for you.

Old-fashioned craftsmanship, modern technique
Our founder, architect Pieter Weijnen, brought the beauty of this eye-catching black charred wood to Europe. We have been combining old-fashioned craftsmanship (and a passion for wood and fire) with modern technology since 2012. 

Our charring masters in our workshop in Leersum char all the wood in a controlled manner- one by one - in an oven that we developed ourselves. Our Zwarthout Team is constantly pioneering and innovating to find new ways of charring, to identify new sustainable woods and to create new finishes with organic resin and oil. Our experts can also mount our black charred wood in the most beautiful (and technically sound) way.

Beautiful black charred wood
Our attention to detail, our passion for wood and sustainability are all reflected in each one of our products, which all have their own appearance. Interested to discover which of our Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban products is most suitable for your project? 

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