Shou Sugi Ban is a product by Zwarthout, only produced on order. Soon it will  be available in some standards. 4 meter, 5, 10 and 15 cm wide.
It is used for cladding, fences and interior.

In consultation, we with we can deliver in some woodspecies. It is thereby essential to choose the right profile. Every technique has its own possibilities and limitations.

The traditional shou-sugi-ban (type Naoshima) is deeply burned and requires specific detailing to increase weathering influences. Strong wind combined with hail or shower will damage the coal skin in the end. This might occur specifically above 10meter and in open terrain. It doesn’t occur at streetlevel. In that situation it is maintenance free.

To satisfy specific demands we enlarged the technique, whereby the coal is brushed and treated with organic oil, which makes it free of stain and provides it against weathering.

It gets a clean and expressive skin.  Retreatment is advised every 3 years. It gives a clearly different but strong result. have a lok at  Sakaide, Takamatsu of Shodoshima. Naoshima can be treated with oil also; it gets more durable and doesn’t spot anymore. It’s called Tonosho

We now have the following typen in production.

Naoshima, plain sawn, burned
Tonosho,  plain sawn, burned, fixated
Sakaide, plain sawn, burned lightly, brushed, oiled
Shodoshima,   plain sawn, deeply burned , brushed, stained
Takamatsu,  quarter sawn, burned , brushed, stained
Tonosho oak, burned fixated

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